Michigan Brick Repair Services

Bricks and mortar are two of the oldest and most commonly used building materials. Brick building and walls built hundreds of years ago are still in use today. But while brick is durable, it is not impervious to the elements. Water, snow and ice all take their toll in time, damaging your home or businesses appearance and structure.  At ESCGI Construction Group, we understand repairing a deteriorating brick surfaces requires masonry skills of true professionals. Contact us today for a free quote.

Why You Should Consider ESCGI Construction Group Brick Repair Services

Choosing the best  Brick Repair company can be difficult if you are not well versed on brick work. Checking sites like Angie’s List and reading some testimonials on websites should ease the stress of your search. At ESCGI Construction Group we encourage you to look at our profiles and see that we have an A+ rating. If the job is chimney repair or porch repair rest assure that the professionals at ESCGI Construction Group will execute the job with minimal down time to your home or business.  Here are just a few brick repair services we offer.

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